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Learning Disability Devon Designed by people with a learning disability for people with a learning disability

How to use this website

Learning Disability Devon was made so that everyone can find Learning Disabled ‘accessible’ information that supports living a good life in Devon.

‘Accessible’ information is information that uses straight forward words supported by pictures.

The best way to find your way around this website is to use the main menu boxes that appear throughout the website and that give links to:

  • Citizenship – which is our area of resources and helpful information for everyone. This is organised into the main areas of:
    • Freedom – Freedom is about having control over your life and being able to speak up to be heard.
    • Friendships & Relationships – Friendships and relationships is about making real friends, having loving relationships, enjoying life, respecting yourself and the rights of others.
    • Help – Good help will enable you to use your rights and carry out your responsibilities.
    • Home – Home is about having a place that belongs to you and having control over everything that happens there.
    • Life – Life is about being active in your community. Sharing your gifts and talents with others, taking risks and having fun.
    • Money – Money is about having enough money to live a good life and control over how your money is spent.
    • Purpose – Purpose is about having goals, hopes and dreams and having a plan to make these things happen.
  • Health & Social Care – which is where you can find information about how Devon is working to improve access to health and social care
  • Partnership board – Is about the Learning Disability Devon Partnership board and their work
  • News – This is where you will find the most recent stories that are related to Learning Disability in Devon
  • Feedback – This is where you can let us know what you think would improve the website as we are looking to find out what works for our audience
  • How to use this website – This is a page with information about how to find your way around the website and is the page you are on now
  • Back – You can get back to the beginning and the homepage using this button at any time


We have a page with helpful information about using the browser to improve the way you view a website.

We also have at the top of this website provided text size changing options to make the text bigger + and to make the text smaller –

We have background colour changes to help with contrast.

If you have any issues with the website we need to hear from you in order to make it better for the next user so please leave us feedback on our Feedback page.