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Advice for everyone in England in all Tier levels

  • Everyone must wear a mask in most indoor places unless they are exempt.

    You are more at risk of catching or spreading Coronavirus is you do not wear a mask in public places. wearing a mask can help keep you safe.  You should wear a mask if you can.

  • Everyone should follow the rules called Meeting others safely.

    Click or tap here to read easy read information about what to do when meeting other people

  • Everyone should go to school or college as normal unless they are self isolating.

  • Schools, universities, colleges and early years settings are open in all tiers.

  • Everyone should walk or cycle if they can.  You should plan your journey and try not to travel when transport and roads are very busy.  This may be when people are traveling to work and from work.

  • Everyone must follow the rules in their tier about meeting up with people.

  • All business and venues that are open should follow the Coronavirus secure guidelines to help  protect customers, visitors and workers from getting coronavirus.

  • Everyone should work from home if they can.  If people cannot work from home they should go into work as usual.