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Different types of abuse

  • There are many different types of abuse but none of them should be happening.

  • Physical abuse
    This is when someone hurts you.
    This could be when someone hits you, kicks you, pinches or scratches you.   Pulls your hair, burns you, gives you the wrong medicine or tablets.

  • Sexual abuse
    This is when someone touches your body or private parts in ways you do not like or want.
    It is also when someone makes you do sexual things that make you sad, angry or frightened.

  • Emotional Abuse
    This is when people say bad things to hurt your feelings.  Shout or threaten you, this could be calling you names or blaming you for things when it is not your fault.   Ignoring you, laughing at you or treating you like a child.

  • Financial abuse
    This is when people take your money or belongings without asking you. This can be when someone steals your money, takes control of your money, makes you pay for other peoples things, takes things that belong to you.

  • Modern slavery
    Modern Slavery could be being forced to work by people who abuse you or are cruel to you.

  • Discrimination
    This is when people treat you badly or unfairly because you are different to them.
    This could be because you have a different skin colour, are disabled, are lesbian or gay, speak a different language or believe in different things.

  • Organisational abuse
    This is when paid staff in a hospital or care home do not care for you properly or respect your rights.
    This can be when there are not enough staff most of the time, most of the staff are not trained properly.  Your personal things are used by or for someone else..

  • Neglect

    This can be  when people who are there to help you do not look after you properly. This can include, being hungry most of the time, not being kept safe, not getting the right medical help or not having clean clothes to wear.

  • Self Neglect
    Self-neglect is when someone does not take care of themselves properly.

  • If any of these things are happening to you, you should  tell a support worker, a family member or friend.