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Friendship Group Update Report March 2021

  • Devon People first have been running virtual friendship groups  for people with a learning disability in Devon

  • The groups are part of the Devon learning disability partnership boards new way of working.

  • There are 6 groups a month that people can join.

  • About 40 people are attend different groups and the numbers are growing.

  • People have made new friends and met up with old friends.

  • Some people have started to stay in touch outside of the groups.

  • We have had Bingo games, regular quizzes.

  • Peer support time sessions where people share what they are currently doing in their lives to keep active during lockdown, sharing positive stories and supporting each other.

  • The groups have helped people stay connected during the coronavirus lockdown.

  • These are some of the comments from people who have been to the friendship groups.

    “It’s absolutely fantastic to see people I have not seen for so long”.

    “I like the friendship group because we get to socialise and meet new people”.

    “I have not been coping very well and this group has helped me get over my problems and everyone has supported me to feel a lot better”.

    “I like chatting to people and the group helps me to do this its great”.

    “Meeting new real friends is a very good thing and I think this is the start of something really good”.

  • Information about the friendship groups, how to join and meetings dates are available here