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Friendship groups during Coronavirus

  • Since the Government lock down on 23rd March due to the spread of Coronavirus, we have not been able to have any Friendship groups or Devon Learning Disability Partnership Board meetings.

  • We will not be having any face to face group meetings until it is safe for people to attend and at the moment we don’t know when that will be.

  • We have been looking at other ways for people to join groups.

  • We know that more people with a learning disability are using the internet to find theĀ  information they need and stay in touch with friends and family using their smart phones, tablets and laptops or computers.

  • We are setting up virtual Friendship groups, you can still see other people in the groupĀ  and hear what they are saying, you are just not all in the same room or building.

  • Friendship groups are fun, you can meet new people, talk about things that are important to you, join in with activities like a quiz or a game of bingo.

  • Each group talks and decides together what they would like to do at each group meeting.

  • We can help you to join Virtual Friendship groups. We can send you easy read information or telephone you.

  • If you would like to join a Friendship Group or have any questions you would like to ask you can contact Lloyd at Devon People First.

  • You can telephone Lloyd on 07702193487.

  • You can email Lloyd at