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Housing Information to support people to make the right housing choices



  • Housing Options

    The Social Care Discussion group were asked to talk bout the information that people need to support them to be able to make informed and appropriate choices about housing.

  • The group talked about where they live now

  • and ideas for where they might want to live in the future.



  • ThinkingĀ  about all the things that were part of having a home.

  • They thought about what the Chapters of a story about moving to a new home would be.


  • Where will I be safe?

  • How do I know when I am ready to leave the home I live in now? (moving towards independence)

  • Where would I like to live? What is important to me? (near a bus route or I the countryside? Near the shops or somewhere quiet?)

  • How do I find a house? (we talked about letting agents, estate agents, the council, newspapers, private rentals, caravans)

  • What bills do I have to pay? How do I pay them?

  • How do I know how long I can stay in my new home?

  • How do I know that the house will be looked after?

  • How do I know that I, and my things, will be safe? (including contents insurance)

  • What is a contract? Why do I need one? What should it say?

  • We like pictures with words, in a written document.

  • We also talked about Braille, Audio Books, Siri, and Power Point.

  • The group will beĀ  talking about Housing Information again soon.