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Learning Disability Devon An easy read website for people with a learning disability by people with a learning disability. Reviewed and checked by Devon People First.

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Other useful information

  • The Learning Disability Health and Social Care Group have been working on a project with the DIVAS. DIVAS are women with learning disabilities and/or autism who have survived sexual abuse or domestic violence. We have been talking about the Bill of Rights.
    For more information about the DIVAS please click here.
    Click here for the Bill of Rights.
  • The Government is working to improve the lives of disabled people. They have written a plan showing how they will try to do this. It is called the Disability Action Plan and was published in February 2024.
    Click here for the easy read plan.
  • People who work in health or adult social care must do training on learning disability and autism. It is called the Oliver McGowan training.
    It is named after a young man called Oliver who had a learning disability and Autism. He sadly died as a result of being given medication he knew he was allergic to. His mum Paula has campaigned tirelessly to make sure that professionals get training on learning disabilities and autism to stop this from happening again to another family.
    Click here to watch a short film about the Oliver McGowan training.
    Trigger warning: You might find the contents upsetting.
  • This link takes you to a video made by hft called Staying safe from abuse (safeguarding). It explains what safeguarding is and who it is for.


  • Citizens Advice have launched a new range of easy read booklets. There are 4 titles.
    Click here for an easy read booklet on Debt.
    Click here for an easy read booklet on Section 21 notices. (Your landlord wants to evict you).
    Click here for an easy read booklet on Ways to save money on your bills.
    Click here for an easy read booklet on Repair issues in your rental home.
  • Loan sharks are another name for illegal money lenders.
    This link will take you to an easy read leaflet and a short film. Both will help you recognise if you have been targeted by a loan shark. You will be shown who can help if you are or have been a victim of an illegal money lender.
    Click here for information on Loan Sharks.
  • Below is an Easy Read guide on Scams made by the East Sussex Learning Disability Partnership Board. (Shared with their kind consent)
    Click here for the Easy Read guide on Scams.
  • Cuckooing is when a ‘friend’ takes over your home to store or sell drugs. This Easy Read leaflet gives you information on cuckooing and what you should do if you become a victim of this crime.
    Click here for more information on what Cuckooing is.
  • This link will take you to several pieces of Easy Read information explaining how to get help and advice with the Cost of Living Crisis.
    Click here for help and advice on the Cost of Living Crisis.
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