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Paying for care at home – What information do you need for a financial assement?

  • information

    To work out how much you have to pay towards your care at home or community based services we will need to ask you, or the person who looks after your money, for information.

  • What we will ask you about.

  • How much money you receive each week.

  • This could be money you receive from a works pension or a pension paid to you by the government.

  • Money you receive in benefits from the government.

  • Any other money you receive each week or month.

  • Savings and investments

  • This could be the amount of money you have in your bank or building society account including a savings account.

  • This could be about any investments you have. Investments are when you buy or put money in to something that may earn you money.

  • Housing Options

    Property or land you own or jointly own with someone else.

  • This does not include the house you live in.

  • Your housing costs

  • This includes the amount of rent or mortgage and any service you pay.

  • The amount of money you pay for council tax.

  • The amount of money you pay for your household insurance. This is called an insurance policy. The policy may pay you money if something in your home gets damaged like your television or furniture.

  • Things you need to pay for because of your disability or illness.

  • This could be money you pay for someone to clean your home because you can’t do it yourself.

  • This could be money that you pay for by having a community alarm.

  • This could be the extra amount of money pay because you use more gas or electricity or oil because of your disability or illness.

  • information

    You must be able to provide us with information about these costs.

  • This could be a receipt to show that you pay the costs.

  • This could be a letter from a doctor or a social worker.

  • When we do your financial assessment we can only use the amounts of money you pay out if you get any of the benefits listed below.

  • Attendance Allowance (AA).

  • Disability Living Allowance Care Component (DLA).

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

  • If you don’t want to give us the information about the money you receive or pay out we will not be able to do a financial assessment.

  • If we are not able to do a financial assessment because you don’t give us the information we need you will have to pay the full costs of any care and support services you receive.

  • If we think that you are not claiming all the benefits you could. We will tell you about this and give you the information about who could help you.

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