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Learning Disability Devon Designed by people with a learning disability for people with a learning disability

The big community catch up-what the group has been talking about

The big community catch-up update March

  • The group spoke about some of the problems  they have had in the community during the coronavirus.

  • Some people  said that they are finding it hard not being able to use cash in some places.

  • People have also said that they are missing taking part in activities and being able to go out into the community

  • Robert Hawken,  who is Community Champion for the Devon Learning Disability Partnership Board offered to help the group by finding online activities for them to take part in when they are at home.

  • The group were pleased and said that they were interested to find out about activities online like;

  • Home exercise videos

  • Theatre groups.

  • Activities that include being creative.

  • Robert made a list of the different online activities that he found and they were shown to the group at the next meeting.

  • One of the videos was a sitting down dance exercise class, everyone enjoyed joining in and suggested it as a possible  activity the Friendship groups might enjoy.

  • People with a learning disability also said that they are missing their friends

  • And missing college and their work placements

  • Robert talked about the  Friendship groups where people can meet new people, make friends and have fun in a safe space.

  • The group has also  talked about the census and were given advice on what it is and how to complete it

  • The group will be talking about local housing and employment opportunities at the next meeting.