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Learning Disability Devon Designed by people with a learning disability for people with a learning disability

What carers talked about at the Carers Discussion group meeting on 10th November 2020

  • Day services and replacement care

  • Carers talked about how many families are finding things difficult since Devon County Council day centres have closed  due the Coronavirus.

  • How limited access to replacement care (respite) is putting more strain on carers, especially those who care for someone with more challenging behaviour.

  • information

    Carers felt that there is a  need for more up to date information about available replacement care services so they can make the right choice for them and the person they care for.

  • Home Visits for those is supported living or residential care

  • Some carers have only had a short socially distanced visit outside with their care for but no actual contact since March at the start of Coronavirus.

  • Cares want to be able to have safe home visits at Christmas for their cared for and want to know how if testing can b arranged to make this happen.

  • Choice and Control


  • What choice and control do people with a learning disability have over the way their assessed needs are met and the service they receive?

  • Out of area placements

  • How is Devon going to reduce the number of people being placed out of area and  accommodation plans for people with more challenging behaviour.