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Your Doctor can see you for longer times this winter

  • The NHS is reminding people that there are plenty of new ways to access their doctors this winter.

  • Many doctors surgeries across Devon offer their patients the choice of online appointment. This saves travelling and waiting time.

  • If your able to have an online appointment this will save you having to see your doctor.

  • For many patients the face to face appointments with a doctor are the best way to get advice and treatment. Contacting¬† services through telephone or online options are much more better for a lot of people.

  • As doctors consider the options they want to introduce in the future, they are working with patient groups to see what works better for their practice and patients.


  • Evening and Weekend doctors appointments available in Devon.

  • Doctors can see people in evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays



  • Patients can contact their doctors when they need to make an appointment




  • Patients might not be able to see their usual doctor in the evening, weekend or Bank Holiday. The doctor they see can refer the patient for further treatment if needed.



  • Good access to doctors services is very important.



  • Making extra appointments available means patients can see a doctor or nurse at a time that suits then more.

  • Check Symptoms and book appointments on the NHS App


  • People in Devon can now access information simply and securely